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Lazurni Sport Complex: Axxon Enterprise Platform Based Video Surveillance System from Kemservis Installer Company


Kemservis company had just completed the installation of a video surveillance solution built upon Axxon Enterprise platform from Axxon (former ITV) in Lazurni multi-purpose sport complex in Kemerovo. The complex includes a swimming pool, a gym, a fitness hall and a café.

There was no video surveillance on site before. The solution included two 16-channel video servers and one remote operator's workplace. A cascade switcher was applied to enable control over both servers by means of a single keyboard/mouse combination. Most of the cameras installed are high resolution Mitron units with Computar lenses; about two-third of cameras are monochrome. Operating frame rate is 8 fps while archive storage time is 14 days. Video recording is motion triggered.

CCTV cameras cover the sports hall, the POS terminals area, the swimming pool, the corridors, the main hall, staircases and surrounding areas. The system works in 24/7 mode enabling personnel operations and overall site monitoring.

Kemservis company performs security and safety framework concepts development, integrated systems installation and maintenance.

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