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ELEKTRONIKA Bank St. Petersburg branch equipped with a video surveillance system from Axxon (former ITV)


ELEKTRONIKA Bank St. Petersburg branch equipped with a video surveillance system from Axxon (former ITV)

Unimax company, an official Axxon (former ITV) partner, has just installed an integrated security system in St.Petersburg branch of Elektronika Joint-stock Commercial Bank along with its local partners. Axxon Enterprise platform from Axxon (former ITV) has been chosen for building the core of bank security system.

The task has been very complex: not only security has been demanded to provide - the building itself had to be preserved due to both its architectural monument status and importance for corporate brand reputation. Neither open wiring nor cabling channels could match the site interior. To equip such an object with a security system, the installer company must both have very high technical level and be in deep confidence with the customer.

ELEKTRONIKA Bank St. Petersburg branch equipped with a video surveillance system from Axxon (former ITV)The video surveillance system installed has been built on Axxon Enterprise platform from Axxon (former ITV) based on VIDEOMAXi-16-8 digital video server by Unimax company. One security guard remote workplace has been organized along with a separate server room. It makes the system more secure towards any physical tampering – neither a security guard nor an illegal intruder can switch the server off, get access to its file system in order to delete archive footage or disconnect the server from LAN.

Indoor dome cameras have been installed for visitors and employees monitoring, and high resolution cameras have been placed in thermal cases outdoors to control the perimeter. Outdoor cameras have been equipped with varifocal lenses to provide perfect coverage by means of remote control after the installation has been completed. The customer has certain plans to integrate video surveillance systems of Moscow and St.Petersburg branches to provide monitoring of St.Petersburg office from a remote workplace in Moscow.

Besides the video surveillance system, the bank has an access control system installed consisting of Rubezh series equipment and Rubezh-08 software by Sigma-IS company. Round 600 armor-clad automatic gates from CIMA are installed at the main entrance equipped with ID card readers controlling entrance and exit. The access control system covers backdoors and restricted areas as well. There is also a video intercom installed at the backdoor.

ELEKTRONIKA Bank St. Petersburg branch equipped with a video surveillance system from Axxon (former ITV)Banks are widely considered the most security focused sites not only keeping highest possible level of requirements but also defining certain trends in security systems development. This is caused mostly by inner security standards as well as applicable laws and norms. Another important factor is obviously confidence. Each bank security service has its own trusted suppliers all having impeccable reputation.

There are not only banks among the clients of Unimax company being an Axxon (former ITV) partner strategic importance. Offices, private homes and car dealer showrooms can be found in a wide sites list. Unimax offers numerous services providing security systems delivery and installation. System design and testing, technical support and warranty service cover a wide specter of security systems – integrated, alarm, fire, access control and video surveillance. Besides that, the company produces its own brand of VIDEOMAX digital video servers as well as automated infrastructural and life support systems known under Intelligent Building and Smart Home.

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