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SmartVideo helps protect our living environment


SmartVideo helps protect our living environment

Special Security Agency, security system integrator and Axxon (former ITV) (Axxon (former ITV) in Russia) long-term partner has completed the project on equipping city dump with video surveillance system.

Naturally, nobody meditate on how all amount of garbage generated in the course of our everyday living is handled. However specialists clearly understand the importance of the garbage removal and processing. Installation team of Special Security Agency has contributed their share to improving efficiency of waste recycling process at Spececologiya plant responsible for industrial and domestic garbage recycling of Magnitogorsk. This plant has built a new workshop near the city dump. Garbage recycling workshop operates on 24/7 basis and needed a system that would allow remote monitoring and control over recycling process, increase efficiency and productivity.

Plant administration was looking for the solution that would provide remote view of the personnel activity at their workplaces, control over vehicles arriving and leaving facility, control operation of garbage processing technique and prevent fraudulent activity at workshop.

Installation team of Special Security Agency has installed four channel version of SmartVideo software by Axxon (former ITV) (Axxon (former ITV) in Russia) and linked it with cameras located at the various points of the recycling process. Remote monitoring tasks have got even more complicated due to the lack of communication channels at the facility. This problem was resolved with help of Skylink Russian mobile operator and FCT-CDMA.24 terminal. Skylink provided Internet connection based on EV-DO at 2.4 Mbit/sec rate that allowed video surveillance at inaccessible places.

FCT-CDMA.24 terminal can be deployed as a USB (RS-232) interface modem; in addition it can emulate telephone line. It has RJ-11 connector for linking standard telephone set or other end device. Terminal is easy in installation and operation; however some of the operations have a number of distinctive features.

Immediately after installation of driver included to the set of supply, it is recommended to change transmission rate between terminal and PC. It is 115.2 Kbit/sec by default, but as a matter of fact Skylink allows to raise it up to 230.4. Modem setting should be also changed in Windows OS and modem itself. In order to change terminal settings end-user should connect it with standard telephone set and change necessary settings by entering certain codes indicated in the User's manual.

Thanks to SmartVideo ease-of-use, ergonomics and wide functionality installation of the video surveillance system did not cause any additional troubles. Implemented system resolved practically all problems put by the client.

According the customer, system has already showed all the benefits of digital technology. They specially noted that working with video archive is very efficient and powerful, and still easy-to-use that is equally important.

In addition, SmartVideo allows remote video surveillance from remote workplace using PC and via GSM phone. Thus, operator of the security system has access to live video and video archive using the standard GSM phone no matter where he is.

Special Security Agency is well known security system integrator of Magnitogorsk . Versatile installation experience that includes various projects beginning from individual houses to huge industrial and finance objects allows to offer security solutions optimal on its efficiency and cost.

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