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Modern security system to protect Saint-Petersburg Transportation Enterprise


Modern security system to protect Saint-Petersburg Transportation Enterprise

Sotrans transportation enterprise located in Saint-Petersburg has deployed Axxon (former ITV) security system. All installation works were carried out by Alfa I.S., Axxon (former ITV) partner in St. Petersburg. Alfa I.S. is a subdivision of Fantaon Group security department, well-know security system integrator.

Recent development of market economy in Russia has given a powerful push to development of transportation field. Annual growth of domestic cargo transportation has lead to development of new giant forwarding companies that build up their business on modern principles that include safety of personnel, technique and cargoes. Sotrans is a typical example of such forwarding company.

Sotrans automobile transportation company was established in 1999 as a part of cognominal group and joined Association of International Trucking Companies same year together with Quarta service station for Volvo lorries and buses and TruckLand, a distributor of American trucks such as Freightliner, International, Sterling, Kenworth and Volvo.

Sotrans head office is located in St. Petersburg with company's branches in Moscow and New York. Company offers its services for multimodal container transportations, international and domestic motor transportation of complex, over-dimensioned, assembled cargoes as well as cargoes requiring special conditions of transportation; complex custom clearance services; sales and servicing of American trucks; supplies of spare parts for trucks and trailers from USA.

Prior to installation company had a security system that included several local access controllers which defined access rights of the staff inside the office block. Customer wanted to bring the security system up to date and install the system that would provide the following:

  1. Remote video surveillance over service station by means of the high-speed pan-tilt-zoom camera.
  2. Video monitoring over gate zone, automatic recognition of the license plates of both driving into and leaving vehicles.
  3. Video surveillance at the office facilities, main entrance and corridors.
  4. Perimeter video surveillance to prevent unauthorized access to the secured territories.
  5. Access control inside the office building.
  6. Installation of the fire and intrusion alarm system at the office block with the alarm signal output to the remote operator workplace.

To meet those demands installation team of Alfa I.S. implemented complex security system on the base of the single video server and two remote workplaces (at security post and director workplaces). Bosch ENVE-230W high speed camera was mounted at the service station to cover service station with video surveillance. Two Baxall CDSP9752 cameras and Potok car license plates recognition server were installed near the entrance gates to fix and recognize car license plates. A total of 16 cameras in dome casing linked together with video surveillance system were installed at the different locations across the office block.

Access control system and intrusion alarm was performed on the Legos basis that included 5 network L504 controllers with card readers on entrance and exit sides. Intrusion alarm included 3 L1524 controllers with 46 address modules and built in Foton-10 infra red passive notifiers.

Security complex deployed by Sotrans included the following software modules: Axxon Enterprise security complex, two Monitoring modules, pan-tilt-zoom module, Potok module, Legos-Server-Classic and Legos-Client.

By results of the security system test exploitation that was carried out within one month, Sotrans director D.V.Skopenko has noted high reliability of the Axxon Enterprise, intuitive user interface and flexibility of the system. Deployed security system had made a positive impact to the company operation and added new quality of security as a whole.

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