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Toyota Centre chooses Axxon Enterprise for its security


Toyota Centre chooses Axxon Enterprise for its security

In the end of 2005 Toyota has set up new dealer centre in Nizhni Novgorod. That new Toyota Dealer located at newly established building provides services from purchasing to warranty and service of Toyota vehicles. Installation works were performed by Shen, Axxon (former ITV) partner at the region.

Prior to installation building had an old CCTV system that no longer provided sufficient coverage and became non-efficient. After setting up new Toyota Centre in the building requirements to security system has increased. Axxon Enterprise security complex proposed by Shen met all the requirements of management and was chosen for the task.

Customer needed a security system that would be highly reliable, fail safe, easily scalable, easily to manage and use; provide access control functions and allow creation of any number of remote workplaces located in different spots.

According to customer requirements 4 remote workplaces were established at the object – for Director, Head Master, Chief of Security service, Managers working in halls. Each workplace has its own settings, password, access levels and functions.

New Toyota Center in Nizhni Novgorod was equipped with the modern and up-to-date equipped service shop. Cameras located in service allow managers, having access to remote workplace in show room, real time monitoring over repair zone, empty places, control works performance to inform clients about current work status. In case of presence of empty places clients are offered to make necessary service or maintenance works. When entire service is busy clients are scheduled on another time.

Over 30 cameras installed within the building (over building perimeter, entrances and exits, show room, repair zone and other facilities).

It is important to note than Shen installation team defined type and characteristics of each camera for each location in the term of installation. For instance, monitoring over entrance needed color high-resolution camera that allows precise identification of people, while outdoor black-and-white cameras are enough for video surveillance over building perimeter. At locations where clear image is needed high resolution cameras were installed.

During the installation Shen experts have addressed Axxon (former ITV) support service to help solve arisen difficulties. Received consultations helped settle all problems quickly and correctly.

Currently Shen installation team carry our works on system expansion and improvement. It is planned to increase number of cameras up to 40, installation access control system integrated with video control module and realization of data transmition to longer distances.

he success of Axxon Enterprise installation and operation performance has already triggered a plan to equip one more car center in Nizhni Novgorod with the same security complex.

Toyota Centre chooses Axxon Enterprise for its security
Toyota Centre chooses Axxon Enterprise for its security
Toyota Centre chooses Axxon Enterprise for its security

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