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Security system at the Arctica hotel


Universal, an Axxon (former ITV) partner, installed the “Axxon Enterprise” security system by Axxon (former ITV) at the Arctica, Murmansk

The new 16-story building is located in the center of town at one of the major squares of Murmansk . The hotel management decided to replace and expand the existing surveillance system by another manufacturer that was installed back in 2003. The Axxon Enterprise security solution was chosen due to its wide features and characteristics, quality of received images, scalability, and comfort handiness. Efficient technical support and maintenance of Axxon (former ITV) have played a significant role in the course of selecting the new system to be installed at the hotel.

Currently, the system includes 32 channels that enable 16 color and 16 black-and-white cameras to be attached to the system. The cameras are placed near the main entrance, central hall, cash register zones of the “Day and Night” cafe, cloakrooms, foyers, billiards club and other service rooms.

Implementation of the digital security system enables the hotel management staff to do the following security tasks:

  • Ensure hotel guests' security,
  • Protect the hotel's property and loss prevention,
  • Have visual control over halls,
  • Monitor over staff actions,
  • Ensure orders and efficient investigation of conflict situations at the restaurant hall and billiards club.

All events taking place in the camera's field-of-vision is fixed and stored in the archive, thus providing management and staff with the complete picture over situations at the hotel. Using the “Axxon Enterprise” security software authorized users, such as hotel management, has access to live or recorded video and can efficiently settle problems in case of various incidents.

The reliable surveillance system compels the hotel's staff to be more conscientious, and has improved the overall security level at the object.

Universal and the hotel management staff are planning to expand the system in halls on each story and at the restaurant Seventh Heaven.

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