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Axxon Enterprise is to be presented to Aviation Security Committee


Security system based on Axxon Enterprise platform is to be presented to members of Aviation Security Committee of Airport Civil Aviation Association.

Initiated by Electronica, Axxon (former ITV) partner in Yaroslavl, Aviation Security Committee of Airport Civil Aviation Association session will be held in June 21- 23 in Yaroslavl. Today Association has more than 200 members from 20 nations, majority of whom are Deputy Security Directors and Heads of Federal oversight bodies. In the framework of the meeting there will be discussed issues of anti-terrorism security at the airports.

Session program will include visiting the Slavneft-Yanos oil-processing plant where Electronica specialists installed integrated security system. Security system here was built on Axxon Enterprise basis and several video register servers, and includes technical and engineering perimeter protection that consists of two borders. Entire perimeter, all check points and borders were equipped with video surveillance and security system.

This is the first time when elite of air security will come to Yaroslavl in such a wide complement. Before this session Aviation Security Committee meetings were held in huge megapolices like Saint-Petersburg, Kiev, Postov-on-Don and Sochi. The fact that Yaroslavl was chosen for holding such meeting despite lack of airport in the city says about public recognition of high level qualification of local security specialists. Equally noteworthy is that Axxon Enterprise distributed security complex will be presented to representatives of Aviation Security where performance-based security assessment can fill a vital need.

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