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Wi-Fi technology at Moscow educational establishments. D-Link and Navicom seminar and presentation.


D-Link and Navicom companies held a seminar and presentation aimed at school segment of the South Administrative Area of Moscow city that takes second place on quantity of educational establishments located here. Seminar took place in Moscow on January 18, 2006.

Setting wireless data and video transmission networks for the video surveillance needs was the key theme of seminar. Special interest of visitors was concerned with the equipping schools across the South district of Moscow with the local networks initiated by Education Department of Moscow.

Seminar organizers presented performance capabilities of the integration created on the base of “Axxon Enterprise” video surveillance system and network equipment by D-Link that were performed by Navicom and D-Link at a number of objects in 2005 year. For the presentation organizers set up translation from several IP-cameras via wireless access points at the projection screen. That enabled them to show major functional capabilities and features of the “Axxon Enterprise” solution. Also turnkey surveillance solution “video server, network equipment, IP cameras” offered for fast creation of video surveillance was presented during the presentation.

In the course of seminar a test was carried out that demonstrated dependence of wireless access points coverage from the surface properties and natural barriers (walls or overlapping). Wi-Fi coverage organized at the building proved to be not only robust at all indoors apartments, but also localized in the building borders: external intrusion to the network was impossible.

Seminar organizers V. Dektyarev (D-Link) and V. Uvarov (Navicom) noted auditory high interest at that particularly technical theme. “As representatives of the security industry and Moscow citizens, we are happy to see that our authorities plan to realize such complicated and necessary works on ensuring level of security at Moscow schools” V. Uvarov, Commercial Director of the Navicom said. “But we are even happier with the unfeigned interest showed by school representatives, people who will have to use our systems in future”.

Among those who attended seminar were representatives of administration of the South autonomous area and technical specialist of numerous schools of the district.

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