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Alphasonic Kft.

Address:  Ipari park utca 8.
H-1044 Budapest , Hungary
Telefon: +36 1 88 33 100
Fax: +36 1 88 33 199

Established in 1993, AlphaSonic Ltd. is a market leader company in Hungary, specializing in networking, security, connectivity and computer accessories. We care for our clients and help them to achieve their goals. For the past decade AlphaSonic is one of the foremost and reliable computer companies in Hungary. With extensive experience and technological expertise, AlphaSonic's staff is capable of providing your company with quality products, support, training and services for many of your I.T. and CCTV requirements.

AlphaSonic has a nationwide reseller network with around 5 000 partners.

impressive.hu Kft.

Address:  Építők útja 33.
7030 Paks, Hungary
Telefon: +36 (75) 200-190
Fax: +36 (75) 200-440

Impressive.hu Kft. is an information technology service and business solutions provider, with a focus on catering to small and medium sized businesses.

Our profession lies in providing creative, highly customized service, not a one-size-fits-all solution. One of the main aspects of our work is to match our customers' existing systems perfectly.

We also focus on providing networking support and infrastructure services with software engineering..

Our portfolio includes solutions for a wide range of industrial demands, such as security and other electronics systems. Examples of these include video surveillance, traffic control systems, video licence plate recognition system, operating principles of barrier gates.

Finally we offer integration of all the above systems into new or existing site and business management environments.

As we are based in the central of Hungary, we can easily reach other points in the country. It is also possible for us to operate in neighbouring countries.

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