Intellect-powered surveillance system protects duty-free areas at Moscow's Vnukovo airport


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Intellect-powered surveillance system protects duty-free areas at Moscow's Vnukovo airport

Who and Where

Vnukovo International Airport is one of Russia's most important airports, ranking third in the country by annual passenger flow. The airport is rapidly growing and management has set an ambitious but achievable goal: to become Moscow's No. 1 airport and a leading transit center between Europe and Asia. The Moscow city government is assisting with an ongoing program to overhaul the airport, the goal of which is to make Vnukovo a competitive transit hub for international passengers.

Vnukovo's active growth, modernization, and new terminal construction caught the eye of RegStaer, one of Russia's leading duty-free operators. RegStaer stores offer a full range of duty-free products: alcohol, perfumes and cosmetics, jewelry, tobacco products, candy, clothes, accessories, watches, and travel products. Over 400 professionals are employed at the company.


Each RegStaer store is unique and designed individually. The new project at Vnukovo had special requirements for safeguarding expensive products without compromising the store's design. Visitors have to feel comfortable and relaxed in the store, without feeling subjected to obtrusive surveillance. A the same time, stores with exclusive accessories require alarm systems for showcases. This required new solutions from Unimax, the installer for the project. Security needed to be invisible yet easy to operate.

It was also necessary to put IP video surveillance systems in five new stores and three existing ones, in terminals A and B, the VIP area, and the Vnukovo-3 business terminal.


Intellect-powered surveillance system protects duty-free areas at Moscow's Vnukovo airport Video cameras along the perimeter and in customer areas of the new stores ensure security but also help with marketing: customer behavior, measurement and analysis of the most popular products, bottlenecks, and customer routes through the store are some of the areas in which video surveillance offers a critical advantage. Axis video cameras and POS Intellect software from AxxonSoft were chosen for the project.

The pairing of Axis cameras and AxxonSoft software is one used for several years now.

Unimax company devised the combination back in 2009; in 2012, Axis Communications and AxxonSoft announced an alliance and development of a special vertical solution for retail surveillance. Unimax is one of the first systems integrators entrusted with deployment of the joint retail solution at client sites.

Intellect-powered surveillance system protects duty-free areas at Moscow's Vnukovo airport POS Intellect can receive text and event information from cash registers, synchronize this information with video, and present the results in easy-to-analyze form. Thanks to the software's support for user-defined queries and criteria-based filtering of transactions, RegStaer now has a one-of-a-kind tool for looking at staff activity and identifying abuse. Axis P1344 cameras are installed for cash register surveillance. In the remaining areas, Axis P3344 dome cameras integrate perfectly into the stores' modern interior.

Since the project for installing IP video surveillance was a centralized one, three existing stores were retrofitted as well. Existing surveillance cameras were removed, since they could not perform the tasks now expected from the security system.

Intellect-powered surveillance system protects duty-free areas at Moscow's Vnukovo airport A separate operator workstation was added for efficient observation, continuous monitoring, and quick reactions to events. Information is shown on four monitors, 24 hours a day. The integrated IP surveillance system at RegStaer facilities at Vnukovo Airport uses only a few video servers for processing footage and storing video, along with almost 200 IP cameras, of which over 150 are installed in the company's duty-free stores.

The task of security protection for glass storefronts was solved with the help of DSC wireless equipment. Magnetic wireless radio sensors do not require installing wiring and are practically invisible on the all-glass storefronts. To showcase a new product or add or remove merchandise from a storefront, the sensors are disarmed with a special code. Each storefront has a unique code; an LED panel on each storefront shows the status so that employees do not forget to rearm the sensors. Flashing lights and loud sounds are triggered if the storefront is opened without permission.


The new solution allows optimizing store operations in a number of areas. Store security is now protected and the risk of fraud and shoplifting has been drastically reduced. In addition, the system allows improving use of shelf space for arranging products: marketing research that proper placement can improve results by 10% or even more – an enormous figure for retail businesses.

Unimax soon plans to install similar systems at other RegStaer duty-free stores.

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"Our integrated solution matches high-quality Axis IP cameras with AxxonSoft's unique software for the needs of Russian retail. Unfortunately, the current situation with retail theft is not so good in Russia. But IP technology and video analytics have made it much easier to combat this trend",

commented Stanislav Guchiya, Business Development Director for Axis Communications in Russia, the CIS, and Eastern Europe.

Cash registers are monitored with the help of Axis P1344 cameras. Customer areas are covered with Axis P3344 dome cameras, which harmonize perfectly with the modern interiors of the new stores.

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"Interest from retailers in high-quality, smart security solutions has been growing by leaps and bounds. This is why we created Axis & Intellect Retail Solution, an integrated product that combines top-notch cameras, smart and functional software, and no less importantly, high-quality server equipment and deployment services from the installer. The client gets a solution that meets its needs and offers capacity for future growth: for example, soon we are planning to add video analysis of 'hot' and 'cold' consumer traffic areas",

said Mikhail Baburin, Corporate Client Manager at AxxonSoft.

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"The chief goal of Unimax was to install a system meeting all needs of the client in a flexible, multifunctional, and modern way. Axis products amply meet these criteria, which is one of the reasons we have used them in our projects for over five years",

said Roman Andreyev, General Director of Unimax.

Our partner

Unimax is an official Gold Partner of AxxonSoft, with years of experience in creating AxxonSoft-based video surveillance systems. In-house technical support for end users combined with a large number of existing installations allow Unimax to offer its clients the best AxxonSoft-based solutions available.

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