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Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Investing in security: Raiffeisen Bank Aval protects customers and saves money with Axxon’s security platform

Raiffeisen Bank Aval, a branch of the global Raiffeisen International Bank, is one of the largest Ukranian banks, serving nearly 4 million customers and over 200,000 legal entities. In any bank, and in particular for a bank with such a large customer base and national reputation, safety is of utmost importance. It was critical that Raiffeisen’s security system prevent criminal activity, and provide the quickest and most effective response in case of any security breaches

Unfortunately, Raiffeisen’s existing system was unreliable - the system failed 3-4 times a month and needed to be re-started and re-configured each time. Every time this happened, the bank was left without any security system at all: an extremely risky situation

In addition, the current security providers failed to provide the customer service and support necessary to keep the security system repaired and running. As a result, the existing system was costing the bank time and money - and most of all, leaving it vulnerable to robbery or attack.

Risking more than dollars and cents

With their existing system, Raiffeisen Bank Aval was risking not only enormous financial expenses and material losses but something far more valuable – their clients’ trust

"A client’s trust is the most important asset a bank has," explains Oleg Pronko, Chief Specialist of the Technical Security Section of Security Department and Administrator of Raiffeisen Bank’s technical systems. "Whether they are storing precious goods or using an ATM, a client deserves to have total confidence that their money and valuables are safe. This trust and confidence is pivotal to any bank’s success. Without it, you simply won’t stay in business."

Recognizing the seriousness of this task, technical experts at the bank’s head office began testing safety systems. They needed to find an optimal platform that would provide the high level of security they needed

As an additional challenge, the technical experts were instructed to find an integrated solution. "First of all, we needed to unite the fire control and access control with video surveillance in one system,” says Pronko. “Secondly, and even more challenging, we needed one platform that could control all 14 offices across the Ukraine, explains Oleg Pronko

A simple solution in a complex environment

Axxon Enterprise – the integrated security platform from Axxon, was selected as the best possible solution. Raiffeisen Bank Aval’s technical specialists determined that Axxon Enterprise was the only solution that could meet their specific requirements

In April 2006 Gabitus Inc., one of Axxon's reputable Ukranian partners, installed Axxon Enterprise in three buildings of Raiffeisen Bank Aval's Head Office. Gabitus had extensive experience with advanced safety systems, and particular expertise in implementation and support of digital video surveillance systems, video and audio recorders, access control systems, and remote control systems with video surveillance - all of which Axxon Enterprise was built to include

Axxon Enterprise’s distributed architecture and advanced telecommunication and network technologies will allow the bank to connect the security and safety systems of all 14 locations, on one integrated platform

Valery Mazhora, Chief Specialist of the Technical Security Section of Raiffeisen Bank Aval Security Department, explains: "The strategic task was to implement a uniform system with total integration and complete reliability. A unified system means we save money. Period. That’s one reason why Axxon Enterprise was the solution we chose – and why we’re integrating it with the 14 regional branches of our bank today."

Time is money

With the previous system, Raiffeisen security staff spent hours improving its process, adding updates, re-loading or ‘fighting’ with the system, and generally attending to required maintenance. With Axxon Enterprise, those challenges became a thing of the past . “Compared to the previous system, it is far easier for the staff to learn and use Axxon Enterprise,” explains Pronko. “Because the system is so visual, even a person who is unfamiliar with computers can operate it. This was a key advantage because it allowed us to equip our many regional branches with the same system.”

What’s more, the project itself was executed efficiently, thereby securing the bank a substantial ROI. “The project was completed quickly and smoothly,” Pronko recollects. "Gabitus specialists understood that the success of the solution depended on their reliability and expertise as integrators, and they didn’t let us down. With their help, Axxon Enterprise satisfied our many security and safety requirements in full."

As a result, the bank’s security service could focus on their most important job: to monitor bank activity and to prevent security incidents. In other words, protecting the reputation of the bank - and securing the trust of their customers

Protecting what matters most

"With Axxon Enterprise, we’re not only able to ensure the safety of people and their assets, we also deliver superior service to the people and organizations we deal with, while making money-saving decisions for our company," says Pronko

In one instance, an irate customer complained that money had disappeared from his account and insisted the bank was at fault - a serious accusation. Thanks to Axxon Enterprise, the problem was resolved quickly and easily. Because bank’s personnel could view the video archives with such ease and precision, they were able to determine that the money had been withdrawn from the ATM by the customer’s daughter. The customer’s concerns were put to rest, and the bank’s reputation remained intact

"That’s just one of many examples," confirms Mazhora. "We even had a request from law-enforcement agencies to provide assistance in catching frauds. Using Axxon Enterprise, we identified two criminals who wanted to withdraw a large amount from somebody else’s account in our branch. Consequently, both were arrested by the police."

Mazhora sums up the results of the new solution simply: "With Axxon Enterprise," he explains, "we’re not only protecting our company and its reputation. We’re protecting our customers. And that’s what matters the most."

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