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Система за безопастност на базата на Intellect и оборудване на Nuuxe Radioton е установена на терминала на трансортната компания Balticon в Полша

Голямата полска транспортна фирма Balticon SA разположи система за сигурност на AxxonSoft за да контролира входящия / изходящия транспорт в своя централен склад  More…

Kiev intersections are under the control of Intellect

Kiev is a large city with a population of around 3 million people. Like any metropolis, the regulation of traffic flows in the urban center is an important task. Its solution has been entrusted to a system powered by Intellect.  More…

Murmansk Sea Commercial Port

After approximately ten years of steady growth, the port’s management realized that some key issues were interfering with the port’s profits - namely quality control, cost efficiency, damage and theft prevention, and fire safety.  More…

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