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Ready for a new level of physical security? We've got over 2500 partners worldwide ready to help you get there quickly, easily, and profitably.

Videoservice A/S

Address:  Sindalsvej 50
DK-8240 Risskov
Phone: +45 7020 5040

Videoservice A/S is the Scandinavian distributor of AxxonSoft in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. We hold high competence in relation to advise and design software solutions based on AxxonSoft products.

In addition, Videoservice A/S developed the "Axxon Cloud Control Center". This is an indispensable control center that ensures 24/7 operation support of the customer's video surveillance installation. "Axxon Cloud Control Center" is unique in the market and is only compatible with AxxonSoft.

In addition to traditional precautionary video surveillance to reduce and document theft and other incidents, Videoservice A/S is focused on creating value by optimizing the utilization of AxxonSoft to support customer's value chains, improve documentation, monitor and support processes, and reduce risk.

Informationsteknik A/S

Address:  Ejby Industrivej 91
DK-2600 Glostrup
Phone: +45 33 85 40 40

Informationsteknik A/S is a focused AV and IT infrastructure supplier, who understands customer needs for accurate product and consulting deliveries combined with services, and competitive prices. The ambition is to become Scandinavia's leading AV and IT infrastructure solution provider.

Informationsteknik A/S has the industry's most talented people, who take pride in providing high quality and will always pursue customer's wishes. Our aim is to help our customers to have effective and happy IT users to benefit of all. We are more than 50 specialized employees focusing on creating well-functioning IT infrastructure solutions and services. We have literally "1.000 years" of experience with AV and IT, but no "legacy". We have the freedom to choose and advise our customers right. We are born in the Cloud's brave new world. And we know that a happy and effective user is worth gold. We invest in people and systems.

PTZ Security

Address:  Lindholdmvej 22
DK-6710 Esbjerg v
Phone: (+45) 75 45 34 34

PTZ is a professional distributor in security. Since 2006 PTZ Security has been fully experienced in the surveillance field.

Technology is essential to our growth. We are focusing on technologies that improve our chances of finding new areas within the business. Our commitment to innovation and change is our basic structure for the competitive advantage that has characterized our company. Because of our core values and idea thinking we find ourselves as a leading wholesale distributor of safety equipment.

We always seek to improve the quality of our services through continual engagement with our customers. You can now be a part of PTZ community and start increasing your business with our security solutions.

Spyman Security ApS

Address:  Peter Bangs Vej 153
2000, Frederiksberg, Danmark
Phone: +45 7022 3041

Spyman Security is a professional importer & supplier of surveillance equipment. Spyman aimes at businesses and electricians for further sale.

Spyman Security is a member of the Danish security services industry and supplier of:

  • Video monitoring for operators
  • Surveillance with analog and IP cameraes
  • Certified solution partner of Aver and Axxonsoft Surveillance management
  • Rear view camera for cars, trucks, caravans and boats.
  • GPS fleet management to service
  • Sales for Electricians and fitter from a dealership.

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