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Ready for a new level of physical security? We've got over 2500 partners worldwide ready to help you get there quickly, easily, and profitably.


Address:  edova 643/3
198 00 Praha 9 Czech Republic
Phone: +420 607 180 403

ANUVIO is a competence center of leading manufacturers in IP video surveillance, physical security and systems integration, with specialization in systems utilising video analysis, such as automatic license plates recognition of road vehicles, rail vehicles identification recognition, recognition and identification of faces, etc.

The company's offer includes consultations, localization of products and documentation, product oriented seminars and technical trainings, solutions design, pilot testing, solutions delivery and service.

Thanks to years of professional experience and knowledge our solutions are optimally designed, highly professional utilising the latest technologies, in accordance with applicable standards and respecting the price / performance ratio.>


Address:  Stodoln 4
702 00 Ostrava
Phone: +420-571-620-528, + 420-602-533-850
Fax: +420-571-620-501

XCAM CZECH stands in Czech Republic like Value add distribution for hgh-end CCTV systems. Since 2010 we represent top analogue camera manufacturers like Ikegami, IP cameras we then delivered JVC, Basler, Mobotix. Thanks to our well spread partners we could offer most of the popular CCTV cameras or other hardware.

In 2010 we also added AxxonSoft complete solutions to our product offer. This professional software is used in goverment, casinos or in complete security solutions for demanding cliens as well as an addition to security or attendance systems. Thanks to AxxonSoft, we are able to offer hybrid CCTV solution, saving our customers time and money while expanding existing systems.

AxxonSoft offered many choice modules for different situation and is similar - but cheap products like mostly popular C4 solutions.

We offered for interessed company demo server "XCAMCZ", where you can see and try work with all the products AxxonSoft. Then you can try it in real operation for both platform analog or IP cameras.

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